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liisa ogburn

What's Your Story?

My name is Liisa Ogburn and I’m a story-gatherer. With my microphone, a camera, or a pen, I dive into those stories that allow us to reconnect with our hearts. Over the last decade I’ve gathered stories about points where we are in an uncomfortable transition, between one life and another. I’ve gathered stories about […]

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Documenting Medicine

In 2010, Pediatrician and Photographer John Moses and I launched a documentary mentorship for Duke physician residents nearing the end of their training. Residents are given the skills, equipment, mentoring and time to explore a medical issue, question or story using documentary methods. We offer mentoring in audio, photography, web and writing. At the conclusion […]

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How Motherhood Changes Us

In 2000, I had a successful career as a director in an internet design firm in a wonderful city; I had just about finished putting my husband through medical school and residency; and I had my first child, a healthy boy. By all appearances, I had a charmed life.

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Building a Neighborhood: The Oakwood Project

Oakwood is one of Raleigh, North Carolina’s oldest neighborhoods and was the first neighborhood in the state of North Carolina to receive “historic” designation. Over its 140 year history, Oakwood has undergone tremendous change.

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In my classes, we use documentary as a means to more completely understand the full complexity of a current social and policy issue. For two years, we focused our lenses and audio recorders on individuals affected by homelessness (working in partnership with Housing for New Hope). Last year, we focused on children with health issues […]

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Dyslexic Kids

My son, Aidan, is dyslexic. Over the years, we’ve learned many lessons on parenting a child with both extraordinary abilities and one significant learning disability. When the New York Times accepted a piece I wrote about some of these lessons, I decided to expand on the column and produce a short resource book for parents […]

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